Intelligent Mechanism
Intelligent air outlet
  • AI human body temperature sensing

  • IR gesture non-contact control

  • Aromatic control/PM2.5/anion

  • Automatic purging of motor

  • CAN/LIN communication

Smart cup holder
  • Multi level up and down adjustable

  • Pole less up and down adjustable

  • Motor adjustable up and down

  • Cold and hot intelligent control

  • Wireless charging

  • Touch technology

Smart Pad Holder
  • Multi direction adjustable (forward and backward movement, up and down left and right rotation)

  • Motor control

  • CAN/LIN communication

  • Anti pinch control

  • Voice control/gesture control

  • Adjustable fore and aft movement

  • Integrated cup holder, small table, dryer, car refrigerator and other functions

  • Smart touch surface

  • Good helper for mobile office